The Research Association for Steel Application (FOSTA) is a non-profit and legally independent research association within the steel sector. As a joint organisation, it represents the interests of the steel industry in the research work in the field of application research together with the users for the material steel and its range of products.

Research keeping up with the times

The main research focus points of FOSTA cover a wide range of topics.  The research work is always focused towards public discussion.  Issues such as CO2 reduction and resource efficiency are also important to FOSTA. The following key topics characterise the profile of FOSTA:

Research management for steel

Within the framework of research management, applications and further developments for the material steel are being continuously advanced.  In addition to providing the necessary funding for research projects from public national and European sources as well as industry, FOSTA advises on the field of inventiveness.  In addition, it assists in the creation of appropriate consortia for new research projects, merges the project work with the research units, implements the accompanying committee (PA) with the industry partners in the project, and contributes to the dissemination of research results in the network of over 7,000 experts.