Holistic management of research projects

Support during idea generation phase

  • Active brainstorming with different backgrounds:
    • technically, politically, socially driven topics
    • Industries & technologically driven topics
  • Point of contact for precompetitive and collaborative research ideas from science and industry

Support during development phase

  • Support in the search for suitable industrial partners for the project
  • Realisation of an adequate composition of small, medium and large companies along the value chain
  • Industry-driven alignment of the objectives of the project
  • Search for targeted funding opportunities with national and European funding agencies

Support during implementation phase

  • Contract management (structure, formal aspects, control)
  • Implementation of the project-accompanying working group with active members from industry and science - head of the PA
  • Exchange of encouraging and supporting project-related knowledge in the group
  • Support for active collaboration in the group and project work by research institutes and FOSTA as well as the other PA members
  • Linking different projects with similar content

Support in the transfer phase

  • Promotion of publications in professional journals
  • Publication and distribution of the final report
  • Implementation of events, press relations and reports on the internet about the project result